Monday, June 11, 2012

This and that

I have it really easy these days. Ok, that's a lie, no parent with two little kids has it "easy"... but on the scale of 'yes, I have 2 kids under 2', I have it easy.

Jeremy sleeps through the night, sleeps in his crib!, LOVES me, smiles, occasionally laughs (he makes me work for it, so when he does laugh it's super rewarding), has no eating issues, rarely poops, is good at daycare and makes fabulous faces. Scott is learning to eat his vegetables, loves to play, is pretty good at quiet time, smiles and laughs like a madman, is good at daycare, is good at letting us brush his teeth... basically, my kids are both in nice stages right now.

That's not to say I'm not exhausted, wouldn't like a several day break from parenting, and don't need someone to manage the rest of my life (cleaning, food, shopping, etc).

Anyway, this post was suppose to be about pumping. Twice a day while I'm at work, I close and lock my door, get out my electric pump and settle down at my desk to read or write (documents for work mostly), and strap stuff to me to get milk out. It is an awkward thing. Undressing at work, hiding in my office, getting bottles of HUMAN milk to put in my fridge (at least I have my own!!). I make lots of milk and when I produce like 15 oz in an 8 hour perid at work it's neat! But it's still strange. I really appreciate being able to get away from parenting 24/7 by coming to work, and I know that breast is best, but it's still awkward.

I am also extremely awkward about talking about breast feeding and pumping. I know it's natural. I know it's a good thing. I'm not even embarassed to actually breast feed in public anymore, but even writing out the word "breast" just feels strange to me. It's like unwanted attention. I personally have never looked at anyone else breast feeding and had any thoughts beyond admiration (to a point, when the kid can ask to nurse, I do find it a little weird), but I still feel awkward about it.

Ugh, sleep deprived. Things sound much better in my head then they do when I get them out onto the screen.

In other news, my kids are now 3 months old and 20 months old. Only about 2 more years of diapers! Wait, really? I'm not even half way through the diaper years... crud.

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