Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Making a food source for my baby is absolutely fascinating.

Pumping was fascinating for a while. Putting big bottles of milk that came out of me into the fridge is still surreal. But pumping... well, it's gone from fascinating to me feeling like a cow. In that, 'I'm being milked' sense.

I spend something like 90 minutes a day doing things related to feeding my baby when I'm not with him. This is more time that it would take me to feed him were I with him. I pump 3 times a day while I'm at work. Each time takes about 20 minutes. And then I need to clean the pumping supplies. I use "quick clean wipes" the first two times, and then wash and sanitize the last time. And then at home I need to wash all of the bottles that we send to daycare (6 2oz bottles, one for each feeding). And I need to freeze any excess milk. It's like I'm getting the worst of formula feeding and the worst of breast feeding all in one. =P

But I'll keep doing it, for many more months. At least it's all working and Scott will take bottle or breast without concern.

Scott is (almost) 17 weeks old.

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