Sunday, November 21, 2010

3am musings while pumping

One of the startling things about postpartum was the speed with which I returned to my pre-pregnant state. My nose bleeds stopped immediately. My food cravings vanished, although some of my aversions stayed, no nausea, just a general aversion. My skin is back to normal and my hair is oily again. Fascinating.

I'm up at 3am pumping breast milk. I managed to go out tonight and Scott got previously pumped milk. The side effect of this, that I learned last night at 5am was thatI get engorged if he doesn't eat enough from me in a day. I'm just going to bed (probably a bad plan) now, so I'm being proactive. I just fed him and now I'm pumping. At least last night I got 7.5oz when I did this, we'll see how I do tonight. After about 6 minutes it looks similar to last night.

Pumping, while hands free, isn't exactly graceful and it is really awkward trying to hold a laptop on my lap. The pumps stick out a lot with the bottles and tubes. I'll say it again, awkward.

Fortunately, it's just about time to stop this nonsense an climb into bed with my warm child and husband. :)

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